My name is Popular Crush, a cheerleader from poptropica who has saved all of the islands countless times under different names! (Blue Tomato, Red Heart, Incredible Singer, ect.)
I am also known as Director Crush because of my work on Spy island.
I have found all of the early poptropicans’s items on Early Poptropica! I have saved all of the villagers and stopped the shark on Shark Tooth Island! I have found all the carrots and stopped the evil Dr. Hare on 24 Carrot Island! I have fixed the space-time continuum on Time-Tangled Island! I have stopped the super-villans on Super Power Island! I have found the lost jewels of Nabooti on Nabooti Island! I have saved the school on Big Nate Island! I have saved everyone’s hair and stopped Director. D on Spy Island! I have saved the princess and stopped Binary Bard on Astro-Knights Island! And I still have time to chat with friends and play games enough to get five stars in the multiplayer rooms!!
All in a days work for…… POPULAR CRUSH!!

Go to: http://www.poptropica.com

NOTE: This blog is just so you can get to know Popular Crush!!